Media training

Media training pays enormous dividends to any organisation, not only in getting the most out of the media and avoiding pitfalls, but also in aligning everyone with the organisation’s key messages. Best carried out in groups of three, we use former journalists and professional cameramen to give you that real-life media interview feel. We have media trained spokespeople from a wide range of organisations including ABN Amro, Kraft, Gillette, Duracell, Braun and Lafarge.

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Media relations

Being adept at media interviews will also improve media relations opportunities. We work across press, TV, radio and web, on a local, regional, national and even international basis, with both consumer and trade media, to get your message out to your most important audiences. Understanding what the journalist wants – and what makes a good story – is the secret.

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Award winning Malling School campaign

Henley Women's Regatta coverage

New media and Social media

Needless to say, use of new media or social media – that is web, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other user-derived content – is growing rapidly and recommendations from other users is proving the prime persuader for many people.



While the manufacturers of consumer goods and those championing causes are forging a path in the use of social media for PR, the opportunities for more traditional businesses are also growing. Talk to us about how you can take those first steps in building a fruitful conservation with your stakeholders on-line through new media or social media.

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