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That’s FCKing good: how KFC managed its chicken crisis with a brilliant ad

1st March 2018

Well worth the read – from Influence magazine. How KFC managed their chicken supply crisis with accountability, cheek and well-targeted adverts.

That’s FCKing good: how KFC managed its chicken crisis with a brilliant ad

RUMA announces sector-specific farm antibiotic use targets

27th October 2017

Immediately following the news that sales of antibiotics to treat and prevent disease in UK farm livestock have achieved a record low following a 27% reduction over the past two years, targets for further reducing, refining or replacing antibiotic use across the key livestock sectors have been announced at a London conference today (27 October).

The sector-specific targets were developed over the past year by a ‘Targets Task Force’, facilitated by Oxtale client, the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) Alliance.

The Targets Task Force comprises a leading veterinary surgeon and farmer from each of the beef, dairy, egg, fish, gamebird, pig, poultry meat and sheep sectors, who have been consulting with key organisations in their respective industries. The group also includes observers from regulators Food Standards Agency and Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD).

Watch the video announcing the targets here:


Feeding Study Results

9th December 2015

Client Sundown has just completed a feeding study with Wynnstay on young calves. They were delighted to find that switching the source of fibre from mostly soya hulls to straw fibre has resulted in a boost in daily liveweight gain of 10% over the nine weeks of the trial. Look out for the report in Farmers Weekly and for more study results in the spring!

CoBo Conference Berlin

1st September 2015

We’re just back from the CoBo conference in Berlin – what we believe is the first conference in the world to examine controversy and consensus in bovine health. A great start in not just looking at new technologies and solutions to old challenges, but also how publicly acceptable they are. Look out for some reports on the sessions, especially on behavioural insights…!

Large scale dairy farming experts go head to head

3rd October 2014

Oxtale’s Amy Jackson debates large scale farming in Farmers Weekly. Read the full piece here