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Online petitions – why we should all be wary

5th August 2011

The rise in online petitions is a development we should all be concerned about – read Amy Jackson’s views why in Farmers Weekly

Half of organisations in science and industry unlikely to be engaging through social media

1st June 2011

Over half of businesses operating in industrial or scientific sectors are unlikely to have a strategy for using social media in their PR and communications – despite three quarters recognising that their target audiences are already active users.

This is just one of the indications in our new report, which looks at whether – and how – social media can be used effectively outside of consumer PR campaigns.

We found that while social media has proved its worth in consumer-facing marketing and PR, many are still reluctant to use it for business and staff communications, or to support a positive reputation.

The reasons given included difficulty measuring the impact on profits and business objectives, lack of knowledge or confidence, and poor support from the senior management team.  However, another important factor was a feeling of losing control over what was being said about an organisation on the web.

The irony is these conversations will be taking place anyway, if not on the web then through other forums. Our advice is that you’re better being involved in them and showing how keen you are to engage with critics than simply pretending they’re not happening.

It’s true that not all social media is right for all businesses, but there are some fantastic opportunities outlined in the report.  We’ve suggested a quick way to gauge how useful social media could be to you, what platforms to use and some practical tips for getting going.

Read our blog, or download the full report for free here.

Super learnings from super dairy

24th February 2011

With the withdrawal last week of the plans to build the UK’s largest dairy, we ponder on PR issues in farming where this leaves the industry…read our blog here